1999 Dodge Caravan thumping noise/feeling when first started

I’ve noticed my 1999 Dodge Caravan has been making a rhythmic thumping noise when I first start it in the morning before leaving for work. I can “feel” the thumping through the pedals while driving. I normally just drive slowly for about 1/3 mile and then it clears up. My initial thought was a stick or debris caught behind front tire, but this theory didn’t pan out. I also have noticed a little bit of a longer stopping time (not much) so I checked the brake pads, and they are fine.
Could this be related to the struts perhaps?
The van is front wheel drive and has a little over 200,000mi on it. One more thing of note: I recently moved from VA to Vermont and drove the van in wintry conditions for the first time this past winter- maybe the moisture has been rusting/rotting something?

Insight is appreciated!

That it clears up after driving makes it difficult. But it does remind me of an old cartalk puzzler. There was water in the tire that would freeze overnight and produced these symptoms. But this time of year I think we can rule that out.
The only thing I can think of is a combination of a sticking caliper and a warped rotor. But the warped rotor should always be noticible.

Rust build-up overnight on the rotor surfaces due to moisture,humidity in the air.Anyone that lives in a colder climate experience this. It usually goes away after a short drive and is not dangerous.

It also is a little odd because it doesn’t happen each time I start the van up- usually only after it’s been some time between drives (overnights, mainly) but it doesn’t happen every morning and sometimes will happen even if I have recently driven.
I probably should bring it in for a diagnostic check anyway

The tires are flatspotting. Try adding a few psi to them.

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If you notice this before leaving for work then it can’t be related to the tires. B/c the tires aren’t moving yet. I’d guess that is something in the accessories, like a faulty drive belt or pulley.