1999 Dodge Caravan noise

I own a well-maintained 1999 Dodge Caravan. When driving at slow speeds going over a speed bump or a slow speed right turn I hear a brief rattling sound.

It sounds like those mega-watt stereo systems installed in some cars that rattle the car’s body except it is softer. I do not have a mega-watt stereo in my car!

A mechanic recommended I replace the engine torque mount & engine or trans/transaxle mount (left) and that the ball joints be replaced. He said I could wait until next payday (next month) to have these done. Could one of these cause the noise? Which one? Is the mechanic right that I can wait?



The sway bar end links are notorious for wearing out on these vans. I’ve replace them twice on ours. If they are shot, buy the ones with a lifetime warranty so you can get them free the next time:) They are very easy to replace.

Is this a saftety issue? Can I wait until my next paycheck to have it fixed? How much does it cost?