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1999 crv

I believe the guy with the 1999 CRV needs his differential lubed. We have 2 CRV’s and noticed it on our 1999 when we first got it. Anytime the steering wheel was turned close to the steering stops, we got the squeeky, grindy noise until we learned the diff needed lubing. We do it probably every 18 months, or once we start hearing the noise.

I agree with mchase. I have a 1999 CRV, which now has about 100k mi. At around 45k and 90k, it would squeal when I made sharp left turns, like I’m making a tight u-turn. I found that the rear differential needed the fluid changed. I drained, and refilled with Honda Dual Pump fluid. The noise went away, and didn’t return for about 40k mi.

I had a 2003 CRV, similar situation to the other commenters. I changed the rear differential fluid at about 60K because of the squeal/grinding noise. This resolved it and the noise never came back. I traded the car at about 185K. This fluid is trivial to change if you don’t mind lying under the car, you just need Honda’s special fluid.

Hey my 1999 crv did the same thing, anytime the 4wd would kick in or very sharp turns, changing the diff fluid at 10+$ a quart did not fix it, found TSB #07-024 with instructions to replace the rear differential fluid and burnish the rear differential clutches. This type of service flushes the differential 3 times and costs around $399. or do it yourself for less than 50$ you need a car hoist or 4 jack stands, fixed mine and no worries since