1999 Chevy Blazer cant figure out where all the wires on the headlight wiring harness plug into

I bought a 1999 Blazer that had some very significant damage to the front end. This was to the point of needing to replace the Radiator housing ( this is what i have been told it was called it is the part that houses the front radiator). I have successfully taken the damaged one off, and moved the front radiator to the new one and it is back on the car. However the problem I am running into is that I had to pull the entire headlight wiring harness from the passengers side through the drivers side now there are a bunch of plugs (other then the headlights) that I cant figure out where they go. I have searched and searched for a diagram or schematic of this harness and have been very unsuccessful. Please help.

I found out that it is actually called a radiator support that I had to take off. Now I just need to know how to plug everything back in

Now you know why you should take pictures during disassembly! They are invaluable when putting it back together. A lesson most people learn the hard way.

Now you need the Chassis Electrical Schematics and wiring diagrams. Good ones show the engine bay wiring routing and connections. Here’s a starter for example- http://www.autozone.com/autozone/repairinfo/repairguide/repairGuideContent.jsp?pageId=0996b43f80cb0c2a

Manufacturers make very detailed books for this purpose. You could buy yours through Helm Inc. Good chance you can figure it all out using the cheaper versions above or in a Haynes manual though.

Good luck.