Driving Lights on 2000 Blazer LS

I have a 2000 Blazer LS. I recently discovered that the wire harness for the driving lights is plugged into the headlight switch even though the switch isn’t there. I can get the switch for the driving lights easy enough. And I know the lenses pop in and out. So that part is easy. However, the plugs for the lights at the grill seem to be missing… Is there a way to hook up the driving lights without running a whole mess of wires?


Make sure the plugs for the lights aren’t taped to the main harness, somewhere near where the driving lights would be

So I was able to discover the answer to this question. You have to replace the wiring from the fuse box under the hood, all the way across the front. It’s the wire harness that has all of the light connections. (Headlights, marker lights, and driving lights.) It’s a bit of a task pulling it through the body of the truck. And a bit time consuming. But it is a doable project if you have the time and the resources. I went to my local junk yard to get the parts. And I plan to install it soon. I will post the results once I complete it.