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1999 Chevrolet Suburban threw a rod

My truck threw a rod and it apparently shot out trough the oil pan so does that mean it went through the block?

No… you told us it shot out the pan. Did it shoot out the block? I can’t see it so I don’t know. If you want to know if it damaged the block… oh, yeah, no doubt.

The stamped steel oil pan on this engine . . . presumably 5.7 liter gasoline V8 . . . is rather deep

So it’s conceivable that the block doesn’t have a hole in it

However, I suspect the engine is damaged, and is now a paperweight

Due to the age of the truck, it might be time to scrap it, or install a cheap used engine from a junkyard

But unless the rest of the truck is in absolutely pristine condition, it probably makes sense to junk the truck

The only way it even halfway makes sense to install a junkyard engine is if you pull the used engine yourself at one of pick-a-part’s numerous 1/2 price weekends, and do all the labor yourself

Scrap iron.

The good news is that if it threw a rod, the engine wasn’t long for this world anyway. Must have been substantial wear.


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One is not preferred over the other, when a connecting rod leaves its assigned location the engine has failed.