1999 Chevrolet 2500

I had just started my pick up, while I was backing out of the driveway, I pushed the window button to roll down the window, the engine flooded and almost died, then started sputtering like it was getting too much gas lights were flickering, then it smoothed out, do you have any idea what could have happened?

Did the window actually roll down?

Can you repeat this?

Probably a coincidence. I could see the battery being shorted by something triggered by your hitting that switch, except to short the battery you will draw 1000 amps, and most any switch or relay or wiring would go up in smoke.

It sounds like you have an intermittent short circuit involved with the power window circuit. First place to look is where the wires in the driver’s door cross over to the truck body in the door hinge area. See any frayed insulation caused by the door repeatedly opening and closing?