1999 cavalier blower problem

The blower comes on about once a day and stays on for about a minute. I can hear a slight noise as it starts to shut down. On most days, it won’t come back on the rest of the day, but in the morning it will repeat (stay on then shut off after a minute. Most post invlove the resistor, but those say that the fan continues to work, just not on the lower settings. HELP

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That’s what I first thought, but I think you’re talking HVAC blower, darn. Some blower motor/fans aren’t difficult to access. Should that be the case, try wiggling the wires and connections at the motor and see if you can wiggle or squeeze the motor at its brush holder locations. Some of these motors start to die and get a mind of their own. You maybe just need a blower motor/fan. Recycling yards are an option if new ones cost a fourtune.


You can tie power directly to the blower to see if the motor is the trouble. If that is ok then check the blower relay and switch for a problem.