1999 Camry Air Filter replacement

Hello everyone,

My 1999 Camry (4 cylinder) has 97, 500 (+ or -) and back when cars had points etc. I used to do some of the work myself.

Anyway, I want to change the air filter. I did some research online which instructed me to push back the “accordian hose” connected to the air mass meter (or whatever it is called). Easy enough, however, the accordian hose is solid. It does not have the ability to flex.

Any suggestions



It Might Have Automotive Rigormortis. It May Have Automotive Arterial Hardening. This Car Is 12 Or 13 Years Old. That’s Close To A Hundred In Car Years . . .

. . . or it could just be a stiff, stout hose. Some are on some cars. Any chance of disconnecting both ends to make it easier to move, rather than unhooking one end and trying to bend it ?

Is it running OK, decent gas mileage ? You could just leave it alone until some repairs come up. You don’t want to break something and be worse off for it.


Our '96 is a REAL bear to change. Much patience/profanity required…

It’s called the Mass AirFlow sensor, or the MAF. Typically it’ll be mounted in the air filter box just aft of the air filter.

Try disconnecting the wire harness plugged into the MAF sensor, loosening the clamp that holds the air filter box in the convaluted rubber air inlet, and working the outflow end of the air cleaner box out of the rubber inlet tube. When disconnecting the MAF sensor, be sure to (1) push the connection IN, (2) squeeze the connector clip, and THEN (3) pull the connector out. The clips on these connectors have to be unhooked before disconnecting them.

I think you are making this too complicated. I have a V6 '00 Camry and you release the clips and the cover lifts off enough to remove the old filter and slip in a new one without disconnecting anything. If you buy the filter at Auto Zone they will likely help you install it.

You may be right, but I can attest to the fact that these Toyota convaluted tubes that go from the airbox to the throttle body often do not always bend easily. Mine is tough. I do it, but I cringe.