1999 Astro lighters don't work, checked both fuse boxes

I just had a rebuilt engine put in my 1999 Chevy Astro. However, when I got it back the lighter and auxiliary lighters don’t work. I checked the fuses under the driver’s side dash and the one for the lighter looked good. I change it anyhow, and it still doesn’t work.

Anything else I should check? I am planning a long trip and would like to use my radar detector.

The cigarette lighter and power outlets share the same ground connection.

I’d check the ground connection under the dash to see if its’ good.


Any idea what the ground connection would look like? There are tons of wires under there.

The ground connections would be wires connected to any metal surface of the vehicle.

Here’s an example of a ground connection.


THere might have been some reason that the mechanic that did the engine, had to do something under the dash and maybe he forgot to plug in the lighter.


I called a friend of mine that used to drive Astros and he said to look under the cupholder, that there might be something that the mechanic forgot to plug back in. I took out the glove box and sure enough there it was. Got it re-connected and all lighters work. Hoorah!

Thanks to all for advise. See ya!

Your mechanic can be forgiven for this. I purchased a new Ford Windstar back in 2000. One power outlet low on the dashboard didn’t work. I used the cigarette lighter socket higher up on the dashboard to power the charger for my cell phone. However, the power outlet would have been more convenient.
I got curious one day about why the power outlet wouldn’t work. I don’t remember all the details, but I removed either a cup holder or the ashtray and found a wire that had never been connected to the back of the power outlet. I connected the wire and had a working power outlet. The power outlet hadn’t been connected at the factory.