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1999 2.7L Dodge

I have a 1999 Dodg Intrepid with a 2.7L. I took it to a local mechanic and he said it was the cam sensor(engine shutting off going down road). It was replaced and when I went to pick up the car(after hours) it was running worse that it was. I noticed as I got closer to home it started to smooth out. I returned the car next day. He said the cam sensor has nothing to do with this problem(missing). After checking the car out again he said it was a coil and noted which on it was©. I replaced that coil and it still misses like crazy when its cold. I drive 20 miles to work and when I get about half way it smoothes out. Also at that time it gets to full operating temperature. What do think my problem is?

You Didn’t Mention The “Check Engine” Light.
Was it On ? Is it On ?
Does it go On and Off ?
According to your “mechanic” what codes are being set by the ECM ?
How many miles on this 2.7L ?


Yes, it is on constant. The mechanic reset the computer by disconnecting the positive cable last Friday and said bring it back on Monday so I can check codes again. I needed car for weekend work. It has 154,000 mi on it.

Drive The Car To An Auto Parts Store That Is Part Of A “Chain” Of Stores. Advance And Car Quest Are Ones In My Area, For Example. Many are open Sunday Evening For A While.

You may want to call first and ask them if they will read your car’s “trouble codes” with their scanner right out in the parking lot. Many do this for free to help you because you might wind up buying parts from them. The “check engine light” or CEL is telling you that something is not right and it’s keeping some secrets (in the form of codes) for you, but you need a reader or scanner to retrieve tham.

Write down the exact codes they give you. They will be like PO132 or PO455, for example. Tell the guys not to turn off your CEL (because your mechanic wants the codes, too). Post the codes exactly, right here so we can see them and maybe somebody can take a shot at what the car’s problem is. There are highly skilled technicians that frequent this site. (I’m not one, just an amateur).