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Car Shakes

My car shakes while driving. It’s not the brakes, it only happens while driving. I notice it a lot at high speeds. It’s a 1998 Toyota Camry (215,000 miles on it) What could it be? How saf is it to drive?

Leeann, It’s Impossible To Tell From Here, But You Need To Get It Checked Out, Soon.

Worn or damaged suspension or steering parts can cause this as can a damaged wheel or defective tire.

Depending on how much maintenance has been done on these components, at 215,000 miles, it would not be at all unusual for problems of this nature to surface.

Maybe you just need a tire or two or maybe just a wheel balance, but who knows?

The car is possibly trying to draw your attention to a dangerous situation. Whenever a car shakes it should be professionally checked.

This car could be unsafe to drive. You’ll feel better about your safety after it gets checked and the problem corrected.