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1998 Toyota Avalon heater resistor location

Has anyone actually replaced a heater motor resistor in a 1998 Toyota Avalon and knows exactly where the thing is? All I get is the same “canned” response when searching the internet. I’ve got the glove box out and have dropped the heater blower itself. Funny thing is when I run my hand around in the heater housing their is no heater motor resistor located there. Is it possible the car doesn’t have one? I did pick up the part from my NAPA store, and they do make one for it.

Under left side of dash you need to remove the lower trim and possibly the glove box. Follow the harness from the motor back to the resistor.


From Toyota service manual.
(1) Front door scuff plate LH
(2) Cowl side trim LH
(3) Lower finish panel
(4) Instrument panel finish lower LH

You should be able to find everything you need in the attached link.

It’s on the drivers side.

Remove the panel from below dash. And you’ll see the resistor mounted to the plenum for the vent system.


If the resistor is burnt up then you need to strongly consider why it’s burnt up.
Sometimes it can be caused by debris (insulation perhaps) settling on the red hot coils which cause hot spots and burning through of the wire.

Usually it’s due to an aged, high current draw blower motor which has overheated the resistor over time.
In a nutshell, a failed resistor is usually a symptom rather than the cause of a problem.