1998 Plymouth Voyager: fuse problem?

I cleaned my battery cables for they were corroded and after i put the cables back on the gas needle mph needle and temperature needle and back winshield wiper dont work now.Is there a fuse burnt out.

That would be the first place to look.

One burnt out fuse would not account for this.

You didn’t connect the battery backwards, did you? Perhaps a small wire on the positive side didn’t get reconnected?

Actually if he accidentally touched the cable to the wrong place or reversed polarity for even a second, he could have popped a few fuses in series (further, I’m willing to bet those fuses are in sequence, say #14, 15, 16) or as you suggested, he reversed polarity or didn’t really torque the battery cable on or perhaps there is a smaller, say a 16 gauge wire attached to the positive cable that he didn’t connect

The rear wiper problem seems it would be a separate issue from the gauges. Check the chassis grounding also in the area you did the work at. It may help to clean those connections also.