1998 Mercury Sable air conditioning

Is there a way to bypass the air conditioning on a 6 cyl Mercury Sable? Does it need a new belt tensioner?

If that engine just has one belt, buy one for that engine that does not have an airconditioner. It it has mutiple belts and only one runs the A/C, just remove that belt. It it should run more than just the A/C, again buy one that is for a car without an A/C

Many thanks. Is it a straight forward project to replace the idler tensioner?

[b]I don’t believe the 1998 Sable came without air conditioning. If so, the parts store won’t have a listing for a belt for a 1998 Sable without air. So what belt do you order?

However, they do sell and idler pulley assembly that replaces the AC compressor, so the original belt listed for your vehicle can still be used.


Is there a part number and is there a store nearby (92630) where I can purchase it?

rockauto.com has it for your car, list price $28.00

DORMAN Part # 34166

Many thanks