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I own 1997 Plymouth Voyager with 3.0L engine. It has about 175,000 miles on it. I noticed there is A/C belt missing so I tried to install new belt but the problem is the belt is a little small for it. I checked with auto part store and was told it was right size. I check the procedure of installation from Chilton repair manual book but not found. Is there anywebsite that can help instruct how to install it?



You are aware that 97.46% of all missing A/C belts are do to a failed compressor and an owner that did not want to bother with maintenance like repairing an A/C compressor. Good Luck

I do not realized that caused it, Thanks for input and I will have it replace.
Thanks Joseph

Joseph is right. On most engines, the a/c compressor shares the serpentine belt with other accessories, like the alternator and power steering pump. Not so on the Mitsubishi-built 3.0L Chrysler used. The a/c compressor has its own V-belt.

If you are lucky enough that it is just the belt, there is a bolt on top of the a/c idler pulley assembly. You back off on that bolt and loosen the pulley bolt to move the pulley. Put on the belt. Tighten the bolt on top to get the proper tension on the belt and then tighten the pulley bolt.