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1998 Maxima jerking on take off

I have a 1998 Maxima, manual transmission. In first gear, the car will buck (jerk) when taking off. This will increase in severity with time. It is preceded by a small power loss in second that occurs the day before or hours before. It is not necessarily the first start of the day- more likely to be at a traffic light. The mass air flow sensor has been replaced twice, and just had the throttle sensor replaced. Each repair causes the jerking to stop for about two weeks, then it will gradually start again. What could be the cause and what is the solution?

Have you had your transmission checked? The jerking sounds like a grabing clutch. It will usualy only happen when you take off from a stop. The replacement of the MAF sensor and it solving the problem sounds wierd. Did the CHECK ENGINE light come on? Why did you replace the MAF sensor?