And now, the rest of the story

Yesterday I posted a problem with my 1998 manual Maxima- sporadically when I try to start it, it won’t ever “catch” and I have to crank it again. The starter sounds fine. Today, the fuel warning light came on and stayed on, although I have half a tank of gas. The gas hand is correct. Could this be the mass airflow sensor? I had to put one on it in Oct. '07, and is still under warranty. The symptoms were different, but I thought maybe this might be the problem again. A bad MAS can manifest itself in different ways. What about this idea?

I actually replied to your query yesterday suggesting a clutch safety, but perhaps I misunderstood. I was thinking you couldn’t get the engine to crank at all. If the problem is that you can crank repeatedly and get nothing then that’s different. In that case I’d check the fuel pump and pressure. A bad MAF could present problems, but they’re usually of the rough running and start-and-stall variety. Best thing to do is simply check the codes and go from there. Oh and a bad MAF sensor will not cause a fuel warning light-they’re not related in the slightest. A MAF sensor simply measures the volume of air travelling into the engine and then helps the computer calculate how much fuel is needed for the correct burn.

Thanks for your time and response. I will take it in tomorrow. I was just hoping for something wrong under warranty. LOL…

My low fuel light came on a few weeks ago.  It is still on.  I have not figured out how to fix it yet, but for now it comes on when the fuel is normal and turns off when the fuel is low (at the same time the warring beep comes on)  I will be interested if you find the solution.  In a few weeks I hope to have someone snoop around in my car's computer to see if they can find anything.