Hesitation, bucking, missing, what is it?


I got gas today, and when pulling away, my manual transmission Maxima was bucking like it would stall. I don’t think I was in the wrong gear, but since I have brain lapses, I could have been. When I put it in reverse, it bucked once during backing. What’s up? Could there have been air in the line? A gasoline blockage? Stupidity on the part of the driver? HELP!!!


I have heard that a misfire of some type can cause this. The Condition of the wires and plugs should point you in the right direction, but a stopped up injector can create similiar problems.


Just thought anyone with a similar problem might like to know the final outcome of this lurching problem. It got worse, and along with the other symptoms of varying MPG and loss of power on occasion, the diagosis of a malfunctioning Mass Air Flow sensor was made, and now the car is back to normal.


I’m glad that somebody gave some feedback. And, I’m glad that the cause of the problem was found. It COULD, just as easily, have been some other cause. There really aren’t any shortcuts to thorough troubleshooting. The symptom was MISFIRE. The troubleshooting checklist for MISFIRE is long and it can be involved. SO, use the repair manual (or, ensure your mechanic does), follow the troubleshooting steps, and save your money for fine dining (etc.).