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Birthday Blues!

My car won’t start and it’s Sunday when all the mechanics’ repair shops are closed…some birthday today! At first, I heard absolutely no sound, no clicks, nothing, but now I can hear a faint beep, beep or something like it, maybe it’s in the engine area??? I’ve videotaped it for a mechanic to listen to it but everything’s closed today and I want to go anywhere to have fun right now. Is it my starter??? I just replaced my battery recently with a new Die Hard from Sears and I have a full tank of gas so I don’t know why my car won’t start.

You can try putting the car in neutral(if it’s an automatic) or try Rocking the car a bit forward and back. This could be a flywheel sensor(or sensor of some sort).
If it’s a stick, it could be the clutch sensor that tells the engine it’s OK to start, the clutch is engaged.

Hope this helps, happy birthday,

Thanks, I just tried it but the gear is locked in park position and won’t budge no matter which key position I’ve tried. I’ve attached the video I took this morning with the faint car sounds… maybe it’s a boo boo sound???

Start simple, is the battery charged? Could just need a jump.

It’s a new Die Hard battery, maybe a few months old. I’ll ask one of my neighbors if he has a battery tester just in case it’s defective. Thanks.

New batteries can fail, just like old batteries.

And of course, then we have those instances of Sears selling old, trade-in batteries and claiming that they were new. They got into a whole lot of hot water with the Federal Trade Commission and the Attorneys General of several states over that issue. Hopefully they stopped that practice.

What year model is the car?
Some Honda models are under Recall for ignition switch problems and it’s possible that you could have 2 separate problems.
One is a faulty switch leading to a no engine cranking situation and the other is an ignition switch/interlock problem. The latter could have something to do with the shifter failing to come out of the PARK position.

If your car is covered under a Recall this MAY lead to a partial free repair of the problem. At this point there’s not enough info available to make much of a guess as to what the problem is.

It’s a 2001 Honda Civic EX 2-Door Coupe.

How do I get my name listed on future recalls??? I was never contacted about my last Honda for a seatbelt recall. I never would have known about it if I hadn’t have been to the dealership for another reason.

What other info should I provide to help diagnose it??? I attached a video earlier on this thread with the faint sounds that I heard. I haven’t noticed anything else. I wish I wasn’t stranded at home.

There should be a mail-in card in your Owner’s Manual to register your name and address for receipt of recall notices.

I just registered now through Honda’s Owner’s Link website and saw a new recall for my airbag inflator that I haven’t received a letter yet from them.

Could this be a starter problem???

PS: There wasn’t a recall for either the engine cranking or ignition switch, mentioned above.