1998 Honda Civic EX

My security system went bad and had to be removed. I could not unlock the door with the remote, when I used the key the alarm went off and the ignition was disengaged. Since I was out of town I went to a Honda dealership and had the security system removed.

Why is the security system connected to the radio? Is there no other way? Because of a faulty wire the mechanics went looking all over Pittsburgh for an exact match for my radio but could not find one. I have my radio but the car is not as secure.

Not so long ago radios were the prime targets in cars so they made them more difficult to remover and added security to them, integrating into the system. In the mean time the price of radios has come down, but they have not changed all the protection they put on radios.

It certainly would be far better to build a singe standard radio that every manufacturer used and could be produced by any manufacture. If the radio retailed for $20.00 who would bother stealing them? Even if they did steal them and did no damage taking them out, it would still be far better for the owner, who would also benefit if the radio went bad, and the car would cost a few dollars less new.