1998 Honda Civic EX - grinding noise @60mph


I just had the battery replaced 5 days ago in my 1998 honda civic ex. Seemed to have been running fine, did a road trip over the weekend and it had no problems. Then tonight on return trip it started making a new noise i’ve never heard. When I got to 60mph it sounded like a grinding noise coming from front, right side of car. Any ideas of what it could indicate? I will be taking it to honda dealer this week but am racking my brain with what it could be. It had an engine replaced and other massive work done back in January so not sure what this noise is. Thank you! Michelle~


The noise might be from a worn wheel bearing.

Raise the vehicle so that tire is off the ground. Grab the tire at the 6:00 and 12:00 oclock positions. Now try rocking the top and bottom of the tire in and out. If there’s any play in the tire, that wheel bearing is worn and requires replacement. Or place your hand on the strut/spring and slowly rotate the tire. Sometimes a worn wheel bearing will transmit it’s roughness to these components to where it can be felt.