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1998 Honda Accord thumb piece on automatic shifter broke off, keys stuck in ignition

It looks like the plastic chipped off after years of use. It’s the thumb piece that you press in to shift gears. I can shift gears without having to depress the thumb button now. I would have been fine with this arrangement but then I discovered the car key will remain stuck in the ignition as long as the thumb is in the depressed position. In order to get the key out, I have to put the broken thumb piece back into the shifter and try numerous times by pushing it in to trigger the mechanism that gets it out of the depressed position.

Anyone ever had this happen to them? Is there a way to get it fixed? There’s a lot of potential problems with this as I would have to do this every time I get in and out of the car.

Since its an older car,you should be able to find a replacement shifter in a scrapyard.Getting it installed should not cost too much…I hope.

After some more digging around I found there’s a replacement button you can order, and there are videos on Youtube showing how to replace it. Part number for 1998-2002 Accords is #54132-S84-A81ZA. I just ordered one off Amazon and hope I’ll be able to get it fixed.

That is very good news!