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Shiftlock Override on a 1999 Accord?

The key to my 1999 Accord will not turn in the ingnition. I have tried every home remedy known to man, and have finally resorted in having it towed to the dealership. Problem is… the tow truck cannot tow my car as long as it’s in park. The dealership told me to find the Shifter Override Switch and use it to put the car in neutral. Try as I might, I have not been able to find the shifter override switch, and the owner’s manual says nothing about it. Does anyone know where I could find this, or any other possible solutions to my problem?

Look near the shift lever. There is a small plastic cover within three inches of the lever. Remove the cover and insert your ignition key. The tow-truck driver should know where the override slot is.

Did you get a jump start connected to your car, and then, try to turn the ignition switch? If not, do. You might be surprised.

There is a small plastic tab on the upper left side of the shifter face. (just northwest of the “P” for park) This is the shift lock override. Use a piece of cloth to protect the plastic and stick a flat screwdriver in the open slot and pry the plastic tab out. Now, take your car key, shove it in the hole, thus releasing your shifter. Now put the car in neutral and depress the brake (obviously). Now put the key in the ignition and start the car.