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1998-ford taurus

do a 1998 ford taurus,have a radiator cap.3.6 liter.

Bedrock, I Don’t Have That Answer. I’m Not Sure Why You Are Asking.

While we’re waiting for the real answer …

Checking and filling coolant should be covered in your Owner’s Manual. In case you don’t have a manual, there should be a ton of them in 98 Taurus glove compartments, in auto salvage yards, all across the country. Make a couple of calls and see if that’s the case.

Also, A Chilton or Clymer or Haynes, etcetera, Service Manual should be available at a reasonable cost in most Auto Parts stores. Again, give them a call.

the 98 Taurus was available with three engines options, 3.0 Vulcan, 3.0 Duretec, or the 3.4 V8 in the SHO. Which do you have? The Pressure cap should be located on the plastic reservoir tank, which is pressurized.

It doesn’t matter which size Taurus engine you have. The “radiator” cap is not on the radiator. It is on the coolant reservoir located to your left as you stand at the front of the car facing the engine. (That’s the right side of the car.) The reservoir is goldish in color if it has any age, off white if it’s newish. It is prone to leaking with age too. If you need one, Autozone’s are much cheaper than Ford’s. The cap is usually black in color. It is made of plastic, and has a lable on it to the effect that you should never open it hot.