I have a 2003ford Taurus SES the reservior gets hot and overflowing



Reservoir gets hot and overflowing boiling hot

Reservoirr gets hot and overflowing

Reservoir gets hot and overflowing


I think you have a pressure cap on the coolant reservoir. You could try a new cap. If no coolant leaks anywhere else, it could be a blown head gasket.


If this has the 3 liter Vulcan V6 . . . and that was probably the most common engine for this car . . . I fear the head gasket(s) may be bad

We still have several of these same Tauruses in our fleet, and I’ve seen that happen several times, through no fault of either the mechanics or the vehicle operators

A block tester will very quickly narrow things down, as will a pressure test of the cooling system and the cap itself


Do u think it could be thermast


Do u think this comes from thermastat


Possible, but unlikely. Put a new thermostat in if you want to eliminate that possibility.