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how hard is it,to take a radiator out of a 1998 ford taurus,3 liter v6.

Bedrock, That’s Tough To Say. It’s Based Partly On The Abilities Of The “Taker Outer”.

You must not have a service manual, right ? I suggest a visit to your local library. Many times the nice people there will show you what manuals are available to help you. Some libraries can even borrow books from other libraries. I’d take a look and size up the job and see if it’s something you want to tackle.

If this car is going to be worked on in the future then buy a manual.


Bedrock, Try This . . .

. . . Go to and register. Then select your 1998 Ford Taurus for the vehicle and “3.0L EFI 6cyl” for the engine and select “Vehicle Repair Guides”. Next, select “Engine & Engine Overhaul” and then “radiator”.


Why do you want to do this?
Can you see your way to the mounting bolts, the hose clamps, and the cowling screws? Can you find the pepcock? Do you have a sealable drain pan to catch the coolant in? What kind of a tool set do you have? How much experience working on mechanical things do you have, and how old are you. for instance if you are 90 years old and a cpa who doesnt know one end of a wrench from the other Id say dont even try to do this.