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1998 Ford Escort SE Air Conditioning Problems

I am having a slight issue with my car. When turning on the air conditioning, the car does not blow anything at all when at idle. You don’t hear any fan, nothing. But when the car is moving, and the dial is in air conditioning mode, it does vent cold air. There is also a bit of a compromise and fluctuation in power when the dial for air conditioning is on. Other information related to the topic is that when I check outside my car, the fan for the car is running when I run the air conditioning, and it does leak just a little bit of water when the air conditioning is on too.

I am wondering if it needs a recharge, or a new condenser / compressor. I may post a video of the problem as early as tomorrow.

Are the radiator fans turning when the AC is on?
<oops never mind - I notice now that they are. Carry on. >

It sounds like your blower motor is bad… Your internal fan is not spinning. Have you tried different speeds?? Next time you are in your car, turn the AC on and bang on the passenger side dash… Does the fan turn on now??

I think it is the blower motor. I been banging on the dash, and it sounds like it wants to engage, but doesn’t.

Here is a video, giving a better visual of the issue.