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Ford Explorer Air Conditioning Problem

I’m checking here with the experts for a friend of mine. She said that the air conditioning on her 2001 Ford Explorer only works when her car is in idle. She said that when she steps on the gas the fan continues to work but doesn’t blow cold air. If she stops at a stop sign it works… and so on.

She has taken it to a shop that specializes in air conditioning and he checked and cleaned off a few connections (whatever that means) and thought that would do it but it didn’t. She is going to go back this weekend.

I told her that I would think that a specialist would see the idle/drive issue as a good clue as to what the problem is.

Any thoughts are welcome and I will pass them on. I will follow up with the result after she gets it repaired.

Thanks in advance

If both fans are running them I would check the tightness of the drive belt and the drive belt tensioner. The AC compressor may work at idle but may not function as the rpms increase if the belt is slipping.

Also, have the mag clutch on the ac compressor checked for slippage. It may be keeping up at idle, but slipping at higher rpms.