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2000 Ford Escort A/C Blower

We have a problem with my daughter’s 2000 Ford Escort air conditioner. It has cold air but the blower doesn’t put out any volume. We had a 1998 and it had the same problem but not this bad. Is this a problem for this car and worse for this year? Any comments on this or suggestions on how to increase the air flow would be much appreciated by my daughter. Thanks

How long have you had this car?
Has it always had this problem, or is it a new problem?
Do you hear a strange, high-pitched noise when using the fan?
Does the fan actually change speed when you change the speed-setting on the fan control?

IF this is a new issue…
IF the motor has all the speeds…
You may have a blend door stuck closed.

Does the air come out of anywhere else, just not where you want it ?
Your blend doors are vacuum operated and a vacuum leak would default to closed on most doors.
There are three vacuum motors on yours but a vacuum leak could be anywhere.
Someone would do a smoke test to see where or do a physical vacuum test on each motor, switch, reservoir, and lines.

I have a 1998 Ford Escort SE with the same issue.