A/C Fan

The A/C unit appears to work because when I turn it on I can hear and feel a change in the car engine. However, the blower(fan) is not blowing air into the car. What could the be the problem?

Could it be blowing on the windscreen (defrost mode) or the upper vents or lower vents? Could your car (you really should tell us what make model and year vehicle you have) have a cabin air filter that is clogged? How about a air hose damaged? The Setting on the controls may not be what is happening. For example of the vacuum fails most cars default to defrost mode no matter how you have the vent set.

not knowing the model or year lets take a guess. just because the compessor is turn does mean it is makeing cold air. second is the fan motor working lets say yes/ you have two different types of vent door controls vacuum or electic control doors under dash. if you get tree leaves or dirt in out vent this could get into heater box and stop the doors from moving / have some check for the heater doors movement. question do you get heat from vents and can you feel it blowing out of vents. the vent doors move one way for heat and close for air condictioning to enter into car. if the fan motor is not working it could be three problems. dash controls fan speed control resistor or motor
or bad ground wire. my friend had stuck motor on his chevy van do to tree needles in outside vent holes I took a hammer and hit the motor ’ the junk fell down the motor worked I did later remove motor and cleaned it out since he no othe place to park but under the tree. I gave a round foam cover they put over pipes in the winter and he pushed down under wipers and back edge of hood this way the junk could not fall into vents but clean it off before removing it. I once just used a towel .

I hate to mention it, but, have you checked the fuse??? Does it perhaps blow on “High”? If so it is like so many posts on here, you need a new resistor. Cost 12 to 17 dollars.