1998 dodge ram play in steering

hi i have a 1998 dodge ram 1500 4x4 i have play in steering i know this is a common problem with tis vehicle i.ve brought it to midas and you know they find all problem,s they said front end had no problem,s and the play was normal i googled it and there,s alot of people with same problem there was one fix from a company called perma shield with a fix for the end of steering column bushing they said thered be play in the sping at the end of column mine seems fine i,d like to know if anyone else has a recomended fix for this thanks bubbabill

This truck has a old-fashioned steering gear not a rack and pinion. I don’t know if they are still adjustable like they used to be, but if they are you will see a large nut on top with a slotted screw in the middle. Loosen the nut and tighter the screw to remove play. Do this with the front wheels off the ground so you can make sure you have not tightened them enough to bind as you turn the wheel. Tighten the nut holding the screw steady when you are done.

There’s more involved adjusting the steering gear than just turning the large nut on your truck. And if not done correctly damage to the steering gear will occur.