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1998 caravan stopped running

I was driving down the road with no problems then the van just stopped running it was like the key was turned off now it will turn over but not start its in the shop they are just guessing any help

if it won’t start any decent shop should have no difficulty finding the problem. if not have it towed somewhere else. Did they do any testing and eliminate any possibilities?
fuel, spark are the first things to try.

Which engine do you have?

Its the 3.0 v6

They did testing and came up with a few things but they did not fix it there is no spark to the coil or distributer

What “things” did the mechanic come up with? Any diagnostic trouble codes? Did he verify that the distributor rotor is turning (it won’t if the timing belt breaks)?

I would check fuses 16 and 17 first and if the fuses are not blown then the Automatic Shutdown Relay should be examined. The ASD relay not only powers the injectors, etc. but also provides power to the distributor/ignition coil.

This should not be hard to figure out at all.

It was the timing belt and the PCM.Got lucky when the belt broke that i did not lose a piston,also put on new water pump.