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GMC Safari 2000 VAN won't start

Hello, I have GMC Safari 2000 which stop in the middle of the road. I was stopped at a stop light waiting for it to turn green when the van shutdown. I tried to restart it but it only cranked by never started up again. What could be the problem with the car? your help is greatly appreciated.



Sorry for the typos, I typed the message quickly.

Spray a priming fluid into the intake and see if it runs briefly,this can help determine if the problem is fuel or spark.

did that and still nothing.

check your serpentine belt or your timing belt they may be covered by a simple to remove cover but check and see if they are frayed or loose or anything out of the ordinary. If its just loose there will be a tensioner, simply tighten that to factory spec and you should be all set. IT WILL NEED A JUMP. If its more replacing the serpentine belt (the smooth one) is simple just write down the routing then replace it and tension it. The timing belt is a hard long story that you can find online.
Hope this helps

Are you responding to the correct post? we are trying to get a crank no start going here and you are giving instructions related to a serpentine belt? Timing belt? this is a 4.3 V-6 driven by a timing chain,you must have the wrong post.

For the OP you must follow directions for a no-spark condition.