1998 audi A4


I have a 5 speed automatic tip-tronic transmission that acts fine from a dead start. It shifts up normally. When decellerating it is smooth but it does not seem to get into 1st. If I dont get to a dead stop before I apply the gas the car jerks and then shifts up normally. The transmission level was low but the mechanic filled it up with the proper expensive fluid ($14.00/ liter) Am I in for an expensive repair at 120K miles?


I shopped around for an import shop that will do a flush and fill on an Audi. I checked a lot of places in the area. I even checked some transmission shops. Most places do not have the capability to perform the service on an Audi. I found one and spoke at length with them re: my problem and I agreed to have the service done. It is not cheap. Expect to spend about $200 for a flush cleaning,conditioning and re-fill. This shop used BG products. I drove it off of the lot today and it acts like brand new.

Thanks to the person who put me onto this service from a previous inquiry.