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Transmission - replacement 98 Audi A4 1.8L Quattro (automatic)

my car now lurches into second gear and i just got the diagnosis that i need a new transmission after 149k miles. My mechanic gave me a quote for a used transmission with 84k miles for $1600 / labor $960 / fluid & filter $250.

My questions is - does this sound reasonable? Should i look at a rebuilt option? Other things i need to consider??

The price is reasonable, but there is no way to tell how good that used transmission actually is. Most used parts shops give a 90 day or so warranty. You would still be stuck with the installation if the unit failed.

If the car is totally immaculate and otherwise near perfect, I would go for a rebuilt one. That might set you back $4000 or so. By now you will have learned that owning an Audi is not like owning an economy car!

Definitely look at rebuilt options. I think for about around $500 more than used you can get a rebuild with warranty.

$1650 for a used transmission /84k is way overpriced unless a guarentee is attached to that.