1998 Audi A4


I just picked up a used A4. I swear that I am not an idiot but I cant find where to check the auto trans fluid. Owners manual does not mention even type or capacity of trans fluid


A number of vehicles now do not have transmission dipsticks and often require special procedures and tools to even check the fluid level. I think your model is one of them.
Another way of making you wave the white flag and take it to an independent shop or dealer. :slight_smile:


I get funny feelings when things aren’t where I expect them to be. You probably don’t have one. Times have to change.

I don't believe you can check it on an A4.  While I don't agree, VW considers some of their automatics as life time fluid.


you didn’t mention the transmission you have, but it’s not a simple maintenance job.
Anyway here are two links to get you started:
link one http://www.taligentx.com/passat/maintenance/atfchange/
link two http://www.blauparts.com/vw/vw_fluid/vw_automatic_transmission_fluid.shtml


Thanks, I feared that you would confirm that either I am an idiot or that I would have to take it into the shop. I guess that the latter is preferred.


interesting philosophy those VW people. Thanks


Thanks for the links. I will dig into them. Probably the only reason I am asking the question is that it is shifting funny.


Thanks for the outstanding sites. I may not have ever found these sites. Excellent information with pictures and real life experience. Thanks again.