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1997 Taurus

My 1997 Taurus wont start or take jump. The atenator is new and the battery was checked and is good. What could be the problem?

It could be any part from the battery to the starter, the ignition switch, switch solenoid, bad cable, you name it.

Please define “wont start or take jump” Does it make any noise when you turn the key to start? etc. Details please.

It will click once and thats it.

That sounds like bad battery, discharged battery or the battery cable contacts need to be cleaned and tightened. How old is the battery?

When the battery is jumped, it is being (mostly) bypassed by the battery giving the jump. So, the post-to-cable connection goodness, or badness, won’t come into play. Corroded battery posts are, definitely, a problem when only the stalled car’s battery is used.
The circuit to check out is the START CIRCUIT from the ignition switch, through Transmission Range Selector, to the starter solenoid (IF this is a 3.0L 2V, non-flex fuel vehicle). If it is another engine, with flex fuel, the start circuit gets a little more complicated; but, not much. Here’s that start wiring diagram:
See how the engine starts in neutral. If it starts better, then that may be a problem with the Transmission Range Selector.
Have the START CIRCUIT checked by a mechanic / electrician.

Either the starter isn’t getting enough current…or the starter is having a problem…or there’s a problem with the flywheel (like a bur). If you’re getting a click…sounds like the ignition circuit is working. Check cables and connectors first then starter. If still can’t find problem…remove starter and see if the starter will spin when NOT bolted to engine.

I’ll try that, thank you.

You won’t try to start the car with the transmission shift lever is NEUTRAL? Nor, have someone measure the start circuit voltage at the starter solenoid, when the ignition switch is held to the START position?

It was the starter. Thanks for the help.