Old car


1990 honda accord powersteering problem. Have replaced pump, but still hard to turn wheel.


Could be the steering rack or the tires. First check that the tires are properly inflated. If the tires are ok then I suspect it’s the rack.


I agree with Mike, but I have to ask the OP an important question regarding the PS pump. When you replaced it, did you fill it with Honda spec PS fluid? That is very important on a Honda!


I also agree with Mike. I had an older car that had a bad rack and it was hard to turn in some parts, and easy in others. Check with the tires, first though, perhaps it will be something minor.


What do i look for when checking steering rack would i be able to see something. How do I trouble shoot steering rack. When car is lifted steering is not a problem only when car is down with full weight.


Re-read VDCs post above and then perhaps consider you MAY have an air lock in the power steering system.

Although most times the steering hangs up then suddenly releases, it’s due to a faulty rack.

Do you see any fluid leaking from the rack end seals?

Is the replacement power steering pump a new one, a rebuild or a used one?

Racks are expensive so like was already mentioned, check out the complete steering/suspension system first. Tie rods, etc. all greased, and move easily?


I agree that this should be looked at in its entirety. A vehicle this old could easily have a binding up ball joint. A good thorough check of the front end is in order.