Wheel cylinder leak

i changed my rear wheel cylinder, brake drum, shoes about 5 months ago. last week i stopped way hard and today i see a leak at the wheel. new thick shoes, new drum so it should be real snug for clearances? i would expect the new cylinder with seals to be fairly failure proof? what exactly failed here? i suppose i have to crawl under there now and see if the brake line split?

Nobody here is Carnac thr Magnificent, the only way to see is too look.

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Nah, I’m sure it’s not anything important. (Sarcasm)

You do have to look. But, I was asking what do you think might be the issue before I go under there? I was coming at it from the angle of new parts should not “break”. What else is there? Yes I did unscrew the brake line fitting to install the wheel cylinder. Maybe it’s loose? Nah.

I have installed new, out of the box wheel cylinders with pitted bores. I found I could rebuild most wheel cylinders as quickly as I could R&R them with new parts and never have a failure.

NOthing is failure proof!

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you would think a new cyl is better than just putting new seals in an old cyl? going to look and see.

The quality of after market new is often questionable.

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nut into wheel cyl is tight but the nut on steel line into the rubber flex line fitting is kinda seized to steel line and it does not want to easily twist.YF1Z2267AA-ANG__ra_p

That happens all the time due to rust. In that case, you might want to consider getting a new hose because they are fairly cheap. I usually use a combination of PB Blaster and heat from a propane torch to unseize the fitting.Be careful when working with a propane torch near the gas tank…use a shield or something.