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2005 camry trans bolt leak

I do my own work where possible. I change the trans fluid often (7-9K) and the filter every 55K or so. I got new washers from toyota (crush washers where one side is like soft, dull aluminum and the other side is shiny and hard). I changed it saturday and put one washer on (soft side to the pan) and it leaked. I tightened down hard 3X and it’s down to a drop every hour or so but still leaks. When toyota didn’t have that kind of flat crush washer, they gave me a ring crush washer (like a o ring shape) but that leaked too. The last time i used the flat crush washer, it didn’t leak so somthing is different this time (I looked at the washers and they don’t look differnt/bad). Can anyone comment or tell me why it’s leaking? You can’t get aftermarket washers (maybe online) but not at Autozone/adv auto/pep boys but I was thinking of trying some nylon or rubber washer instead per autozone’s suggestion. Frustrates me that it leaks. any suggestions? thanks Am I doing something wrong?

My guess - You didn’t say how many miles are on it, but that drain bolt has likely been off & on a whole bunch of times by now. Any grit / contamination has probably worn some groves in the mating surface to the pan thus making it harder to get a good seal.

I have been using teflon tape on the threads of drain bolts for quite some time. It helps.

You might also try a copper sealing washer next time (my Escort’s trans drain uses these). They’re just like the copper washers used for banjo bolts on brake calipers. Being soft on both sides they get sculpted to the minor irregularities.

130.8K now. changed maybe 10X so far. that soft side should mold to the pan facing. Not saying your teflon tape idea won’t work but once you just sligltly loosen up the fitting, it starts draining fluid pretty fast. I was tempted to go hard side to that pan and see if that helped. I think it’s time to find a different washer. the last crush washer worked. this one didn’t. I really don’t want to drain the fluid and try a new washer (no guarrentee it will work) and then replace the same fluid (even though I can capture it in a clean pan). it’s fun working on cars when things go well.