1997 pontiac thumping

when driving in any direction, my left front wheel makes a thumping noise. it’s not the tires, i have brand new ones. i can feel the thumping in my gas pedal, and if i were to let go of the steering wheel, the car moves to the left really hard. i have had people tell me wheel bearings, and i have had people tell me warped rotor. can you guys help?

Car pulls hard? What did old tires look like? Get car up on lift. Inspect suspension, cv joint, brake caliper, rotor, ball joints, tierods, and so on

You have 2 separate issues here:

  1. A pull, which is likely mis-alignment

  2. A thump which requires more information to diagnose. Take the car to a shop. They should be able to help you with the diagnosis.

Heck, it could be your front wheel coming loose. Check it NOW!