Thump thump thump in 95 Saturn



I have a 1995 Saturn SL with 80,000 miles. It’s old, but it gets 35 MPG. When driving, I hear a thump thump thump coming from the front drivers side wheel area. I rotated the tires in case it was a tire, but the noise is in the same place. The faster I go, the faster it thumps. Any suggestions?


have you made sure all the plastic cowling, wheel well trim and front ‘spoiler’ air dam are intact and secure?

remove the plastic wheel covers and see if that helps.

is this just a thump feeling, or is there noise too?


There are other possibilities, but I’m going with an inside CV joint.

Someone needs to look at it.


It is just a noise…I do not feel it.


Check for a torn CV boot.