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1997 Old's Silhouette dash & tail light issue

My wife has a 1997 Old’s Silhouette (complete with a pink steering wheel cover and Hello Kitty decals, but I digress).

Recently the dash and tail lights quit working (but the fuse running the cluster is fine). When the driver’s side door is open (even with the key out of the ignition) there is a rapid chime. The fog lamps are no longer working but I’m not sure that problem is related. Oh yeah… I checked the tail light bulbs, all are intact and tight.

I’d be grateful for any help you can give me. Do you think it’s possible for a car to know that you’ve hated it since the day your wife drove it off the lot?!?

Look for a brown wire on the light switch. It ties to the lights. You could use a jumper lead tied to power and see if the lights will turn on when power is tied to the lead. If the lights do not turn on then there is a break in the lead to the lights.

There should be a orange wire suppling power to the switch. If the lights work ok by supplying power to the brown lead then try jumpering the orange lead to the brown lead and see if bypassing the switch will turn on the lights.