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95 Mercury Grand Marquis has gimpy headlights

A while ago I was hit directly on my front left side by another driver. It knocked my bumper nearly clean off and knocked out my front left blinker. For about two weeks that was the only issue, but then suddenly one night my lights didnt come on (they’re set to auto). At first I thought perhaps the dark sensor had gone bad, but I cant get the lights to turn on manually either. The dash doesnt light up either. I cannot get them to come on at all, but my taillights and blinkers still work (barring the front left, which was completely smashed and the wiring sheared off by the bumper), and if I pull the handle controlling the lights towards me and hold it, the brights come on and they stay on! But that’s the only way I can get them to come on. Does anyone know how I can get my lights back on? I miss driving at night.

Check the fuses. The wires you say are “sheared off” may have shorted and blown a fuse or two. There are probably separate fuses for high and low beams.

If the fuses are OK check the low beam relay. You might also verify that the bulbs are good. It is possible for both to burn out at the same time.

I checked all the fuses and replaced two that were burned out, to no change.

Low beam relay? Will try that, thanks

Maybe the new fuses blew out right away. Better check again. Something made them blow the first time.