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1997 nissan altima wipers on the fritz (fast response needed work in progress now!)

ok im using a 97 altima and recently the wiper motor gave out. went to the junkyard got a different motor off a similar looking nissan altima put it on and it works the only thing is the wipers go up 45 degrees then tries to go down into the engine bay before coming to rest at the 45 degree angle instead of level with bottom of windshield were working on it literally right now and we need your help!!

we already took off the blade assembly ran the motor put it back on and ran it and does the same thing

Maybe someone else has a better or more complete answer, but I think they have a “park” position or sensor or something, and yours is lost - not being funny, it’s just not parking where it should be, so it doesn’t know where the bottom of the wipe is.

so go out and get another motor?

No, I’m pretty sure there’s a way to reset it. I’m just not that familiar with them. Sorry :frowning:

I’ll see if I can find something for you…no promises, though.

thank you so much. been driving over 2 months with no wipers probably longer than that

Another thing to try is to remove the wiper blade arms, then turn the car on, turn on the wipers, turn them off, wait for the wiper arm bolts to stop turning, and then attach the arms again in the parked position.

thats what we did. only thing i can think of is were not attaching the bracket to the motor at the right angle

Found this:

Looks like a lot of work, and I don’t know if it will actually do it for your Nissan or not. Seems feasible.

There are a few more links, but I cannot get to them form this network. Perform a google search on “altima wiper park position” and there are a couple cached answers, one listed as being for a 97 model. Just bring up the cached page, as the regular link will only allow you to post a question.

Good luck…

ya seems feasible we might try it here in a bit but were gonna do that as a last resort

figured it out attached it to the motor at wrong spot thank you guys