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97 nissan altima starting and running mystery PLEASE HELP!

My 97 almima stoped running after driving 100 feet or so. It had no pryor problem. No odd sounds.just stoped running. I had full bat. power.

I tried to start it and the engine would rev up erraticly and jump then die. sometimes it would just crank.

It did idol for me once or twice then the same. I can get it to rev up and run erraticly but it dies and thats only when it will start at all.

I had codes for a crank senser, knock senser.

I tried the crank senser- no luck.

I checked for gas and it was flowing ok out of the filter in the on position.

I didn’t have spark but every so often. so I checked the coil for proper ohm’s and it was ok. I decided to get a coil and ignition sensor from a junk yard and change them- didn’t work.

The only thing I know thats left is the distributor and thats a $150 no return part.

Does anyone have a idea befor I spend the money on a gamble??

Crank angle sensor was my first suspicion.

Fuel smell in the exhaust to prove fuel injection?

Can you verify sparks by removing spark plug wires and, using an extension conductor, SEEING sparks?

Old distributor cleaned inside and out so not shorting high voltage?

Best wishes.