1997 Nissan altima se 5 speed

Hi I changed valve cover gasket after the spark plugs where filled with oil
Put to much silicon on gasket then fixed the problem it doesn’t leak any more
But the car keeps burning out spark plugs it will start right up with new plugs but after running
For about 5 minutes they burn out turn black.

Are there any codes? Sounds like it is running rich. Maybe temp sensor for the ECM.

It had 2 codes before the problem knock sensor 02 sensor

What you need to report is the specific code number - like “P1234.” There are multiple codes that might point one toward knock and O2 sensors and they all mean different things.

Are you getting a lot of fuel smell? Check the fuel pressure and pressure regulator.

What do you mean the spark plugs were filled with oil? You mean the spark plug wells had oil accumulating in them? Or the spark plug electrodes were fouled with oil, in the combustion chamber?