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1995 Altima w/ oil smoke when starting from stand still

I have a 1995 Nissan Altima GXE (2.4l) that has been driving me nuts. After the engine warms up, it blows oil smoke out the exhaust pipe whenever I start from a complete stop. I can be stopped for 30 seconds or three minutes, it doesn’t matter, it will have the same amount of oil smoke cloud.
The engine does not smoke when first started up when either hot or cold (so no bad valve guides?).
The engine does not smoke under hard excelleration (so good piston rings?).
I’ve replaced the PCV and hose. The old PCV was really cakes up.
There was a CEL code for the EGR valve. I’ve cleaned the EGR valve and replaced the EGR solenoid.
There was also massive oil consumption. After only 450 miles, there was hardly and oil showing on the dipstick. I’m using 5/30 convention oil.
The engine idles pretty good, and has plenty of power.
The pressure test showed good compression on all cylinders (130, 120, 132, 129).
I really want to make this go away! How to stop the oil smoke? It’s embarrassing. What should I do next?

I would try adding a can of RESTORE for 4 cylinder engines to the engine oil. If this reduces the smoking and the oil consumption then you’ll know the cause is the piston rings.