1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee dying when stopping, low idle

My Jeep has a low idle when running, just above 250 RPMs. When coming to a stop it will die unless I keep foot on the gas at about 1000 RPMs and also in the drive thru, have to keep it at 1000 RPMs or it will usually die. At times when driving, it will act like it wants to die. For a split second the RPMs will drop and all the gauges will bottom out with the check engine light flashing, but not always. All the dealerships and mechanics that I have taken it to have not been able to figure it out.

Would appreciate any help or advice that is offered.

The AIS motor controls the idle speed. If this has been cleaned and/or replaced, then the problem should be computer control oriented. I would find it hard to imagine that the dealership and/or mechanics haven’t made this their first stop already.

I got the feeling talking to them that they were would let it run waiting for the check engine light to come on. But the problem with that was that each time it came on, it was off just as has fast they couldn’t get the diagnostic readout that they were wanting to tell them what the problem was.

Well, grab a can of throttle body cleaner, take off the plumbing at the air horn …find the air bypass port and see what happens. I do it as PM, so I basically do it running and let the engine recover with the valve cycling to maintain the idle. If it misfires too much you’ll get a code, but disconnection the battery will fix that. $3-$4 should explore this highly plausible suspect to see if it’s the guilty party.